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“Chalaroste Lanta, The Private Resort”

                      A small and elegant resort with contemporary Eastern decorative style of the Mediterranean Sea, located on the hill facing ocean view with the mountain in its background. It is only 300 metersaway from “Klong Dao Beach”, the prime business hub of “Koh Lanta”, is named the "Jewel Island of Asia", the famous island of the world. The island is now the most popular destinations especially for the European and Scandinavian visitors. “Koh Lanta National Park” comprises of 50 islands, and has a general area of mountainous and coastal plains in the foothills. “Koh Lanta” is the only island with around 10 white sandy beaches. These beaches are pristine beauty of the underwater world; and recently have become a dream destination for all divers.


                   “Koh Lanta” has a wide variety of interesting attractions such as waterfalls, caves, “Koh Lanta” National Park, the mangrove eco-tourism, elephant trekking, boating activities, festivals, and cultural facilities. “Koh Lanta” has also provided travel homestay to accompany visitors to learn about the traditions of the island. It also allows visitors to visit the old town, an ancient Chinese community, and architecture of traditional houses; that still remains today. These are the favourite activities of visitors, both Thai and foreign. In the near future, it is expected “Koh Lanta” to develop tourist areas which can accommodate “High Class” visitors to travel to the island. The structures and facilities such as International Airport, Yacht Harbor and Yacht Marina project including a bridge over the island are being developed. Most recently, The Forbes has ranked “Koh Lanta” as one of the six World's best islands to be visited 

                    “Chalaroste Lanta” occupies 1200 square meters with the total of 9 villa’s style accommodations with the top deck for a spectacular ocean viewing. It also has one main operation building with a dining deck, and a central spades shape swimming pool with Jacuzzi. “Chalaroste Lanta” is surrounded by a peaceful nature; with the mist from the mountains in the morning and the sea; romantic sunsets in the evening. “Chalaroste Lanta” is the ideal for families, couples, large groups of friends; or a group of colleagues who would like to relax and away from the busy work. “Chalaroste Lanta” is also able to provide social gatherings or private parties by the swimming pool with food and beverages being taking care of. “Chalaroste Lanta” is managed under the concept of "A Little Romance and Scenery".